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Who we are..

We are the St. Louis Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers! 


We are a group of dedicated  animal care professionals and enthusiasts who are striving to make a difference in the animal care and conservation profession.  We put on programs throughout the year that raise money and awareness for animals in need and serve as advocates to those who don't have voices.  


As a chapter we are also dedicated to advancing the field of animal care.  We put on workshops and conferences, publish articles in professional writings, and make available materials for our members and the public that enhance their knowledge in this field.  


We are passionate about animals and want to spread our enthusiasm!!

AAZK National

St. Louis AAZK is just one chapter of many that are part of AAZK National.  We abide by their by-laws and serve as local advocates for their cause.  For more information about AAZK national, visit their website

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