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How to become a member


Are you interested in become an AAZK member?  It's easy!  Anyone interested in becoming involved with our chapter and our cause is welcome to join.  You do not have to be a zookeeper or employed by the zoo.  Here's what you have to do:


1.  Contact an AAZK member that you know and tell them you are interested in becoming a member.  If you don't       know anyone visit our contact list on this website for a list of people to contact.  


2.  Choose whether or not to become a voting member or a supporting member.  You can switch membership            status at any time.        


        a.  Voting Members: must be National AAZK members and must vote on all voting matters (usually online)

              *Visit to become a National member (cost: 45$).  

        b.  Supporting Members:  are included on our email list and are welcome to help out with programs and               events, but they do not vote.  

            c.   There is NO cost to becoming a St Louis Chapter member

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