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St. Louis AAZK is proud to offer funding for conservation opportunities to our members. From supplies for nest boxes and pollinator gardens to international research experiences: we've got you covered. These are given out twice a year. Members on our email list should look out for an email from Conservation Chair Grace Erker when the application period opens.

To qualify you must be a national member. If you are a local member only, sign up for a national membership at and update Secretary Josh Thuman of your status change.

Applicants are judged on activity level in the chapter. Contact President Jeremy Martin if you need help figuring out what to do.

Take a look at the example application and start thinking where you want to go. You can also look at our Conservation Opportunities file for ideas.

See our running list of grant recipients and the projects we have helped.

Fundraisers and Donations

St. Louis AAZK has contributed to the American Association of Zoo Keepers Bowling For Rhinos fund for 17 years! Over $146,000!

Additionally, our chapter donates money raised by our Animal Art sales!

  • WildCare Institute - 10% of sales each year

  • Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders - 2020

We will also host fundraisers for various conservation organizations.

  • Taps for Tigers - Prusten Project - 2018

  • Sips for Saola - Saola Working Group - 2019

  • Pints for Australian Wildlife - 2020

  • Burritos for Pinguinos - Programa Punta San Juan - 2021

  • Drink Beer. Save Turtles. - 2022

  • Go Ape for Gorillas - 2022

  • Vino for Vultures - 2022

  • Follow our Facebook page for updates on events!

See our running list donation recipients and grant recipients.

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