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Thanks for Playing!

You have registered for the first Saint Louis AAZK Trees for You and Me scavenger hunt! Trees for You and Me is a campaign founded by Polar Bear International and our parent organization, the American Association of Zoo Keepers. The money raised will be distributed by AAZK as grants to reforestation efforts around the world. To date, grants have been given to habitat restoration projects for red pandas in Nepal, golden lion tamarins in Brazil, sandhill cranes in Louisiana, and more. For more information, visit

Many animal species rely on trees to survive. Throughout this scavenger hunt you will find a few of them throughout the Saint Louis Zoo.

How to Play. The Rules.

These rules will be accessible to you here at and will be emailed to the PayPal account that registered by Subject: Trees for You and Me Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt will be set up at the Saint Louis Zoo from April 2 to April 8, 2022. You can complete it at any time during that period.

To participate, you will need a Google account and . Complete this scavenger hunt on your own or with a team. Team size is unlimited.



Each question will have a QR code on a Trees for You and Me Scavenger Hunt sign at the Zoo. The first sign is in the South Entrance Plaza. You may start your scavenger hunt whenever you find it. The signs will not be hidden. They should be pretty obvious.

Each question is password protected with the password Trees Rock"

You will be required to submit an email and team name on the first question. Use the same email that was used to register on PayPal so that we know your team is officially registered. Use the same team name throughout the scavenger hunt. You will be asked for the team name every question.

Then, move on to the question. Your team will receive one point for each correct answer.


After submitting your answer, whether it was right or wrong, you will be instructed to head to a new area of the Zoo where the next question will be. This will continue for 14 questions. We hope you enjoy your journey around the Zoo!


We will email all participants on April 10 to close out the event and award prizes. The teams with the highest scores will be awarded a prize at random drawing until all prizes are distributed. The prizes available are: 

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